Indian Head Massage

Treatment lasts 20 minutes
Price £25.00

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a massage therapy used specifically around the head and face incorporating the neck, shoulders and upper arms.

An Indian Head Massage may benefit you by?

  • relieving stress/anxiety
  • deep relaxation
  • improving mood/sleep
  • improving your sense of general wellbeing

Who can benefit from an Indian Head Massage?

It is suitable for most clients.

What happens when I go for an Indian Head Massage?

All treatments begin with a consultation. Your doctors permission may be required in certain instances, for example epilepsy. Confidential records will be kept. You can speak to your therapist beforehand if you have any questions. An Indian Head Massage last for approximately 30 minutes and you can relax on a chair or couch if preferred. Oil is optional. Upper clothing can be removed and a large towel used to maintain modesty. The massage can also be performed fully-clothed.

How will you feel after an Indian Head Massage?

Relaxed. It is important to avoid alcohol and drink water after the treatment. You will be given a written advice leaflet afterwards.

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